Friday, April 3, 2009

My Chocolate Muffins & You (for free)

Hi Guys,

I have started a facebook group and the link is as below. On it I have a CONTEST giving away two sets of six muffins. :)

Hurry down to the link and check out how you can win it.

Here are some ideas:-

1. When you win it, you can get it sent to someone who you know appreciates GOOD chocolate as a surprise. (Of course I'll be sending it, so Klang Valley areas only ya)

2. Indulge in the muffins yourself and be happy.

3. Share it with your friends and tell them how you won it!

4. Share it with your family.

5. While we're in the mood for sharing, how about getting some for your other half.. ie: your girlfriend or boyfriend.

So what are you waiting for really? Best part of the contest is that you're required to be nothing but witty.

The URL is :

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