Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chinese New Year - Invest in a future.

I'm a strong believer in going all out to achieve your dream and I'd certainly have moseyed along smoothly if I were presented the opportunity. BUT! now, you and I are both in the position to do a very special and talented person a favor and it's a win win situation for everyone here.

Read on to find out because Crystal Cha is a talent worth investing you time and money in. And no.. I'm not gaining anything financially from this. I just happen to believe in her.

CHINESE NEW YEAR COOKIES + invest into a young person's future!
Yesterday at 22:04
As you probably know, I love baking AND photography.

I happen to be saving up for my second dream camera (the Nikon D90 if you're wondering) ANDDDDD it happens to be CHINESE NEW YEAR - that time of the year where we pig out on yummy food and snacks!

So, I thought I'd sell cookies to raise funds for my (hopefully soon-to-come) new baby and I would REALLY REALLY appreciate you to bits if you could help out by either 1) buying the cookies or 2) promoting the cookies to friends and families and uncles and aunties and your third cousin's mother-in-law.

Note that these are NOT your ordinary CNY cookies. Instead of the usual biscuits you'll find at every other open house, these are home-baked, good 'ol fashioned Chocolate Chip Cookies and Butter Cookies. People who have tried them / credible food tasters (ie. my brothers and friends) have vouched that they are not just edible but incredibly ADDICTIVE and YUMMY as well!

So please please PLEASE do consider making this CNY an extra tasty AND kind-hearted one because you're not just giving your guests and family more delicious snacks to munch on, but you're also investing into a possible future talent you could ask to shoot your future wedding photos! :) :) :)


A regular sized bottle goes for RM25; 2 bottles for RM 45 (RM22.50/bottle); 3 for RM65 (RM21.70/bottle)


To Phileo Damansara, FGA KL, and Bukit Jalil - FOC
To Seri Petaling, Old Klang Road, Happy Garden, Entrepreneur's Park, and OUG - FOC with minimum purchase of 2 bottles
To PJ / Damansara (Jalan Gasing, Old Town, PJ State, Section 14 (Jaya 33), Section 13 (JayaOne), SS2, Tropicana Mall, TTDI Plaza - RM 5
Elsewhere - depending on availability


E-mail crystalcha28@gmail.com or SMS 010-2624363 specifying the following:

* Quantity (number of bottles)
* Flavor (Chocolate Chip or Butter Cookies)
* Delivery location / desired date and time (depending on availability)

Would REALLY appreciate it if you could help spread the word to all those you know who would be interested! Thanks so so much!! :)