Friday, October 23, 2009

Naughty naughty naughty cake!

I was commissioned to make a boob cake for a friend who wanted to take it with him for well- a bachelor party.

It was my very first attempt at sculpting a cake to resemble a woman’s torso. I read up and researched the design based on pictures obtained from the web and got cracking.

In total, it took me three to four hours to get it done and since my friend had said they wanted to make the said bachelor play a game with the cake, I took the liberty of placing two tiny cupcakes for the breast and covered it heavily in fondant and icing. The crotch was made using a tiny heart shaped cake pan and again it was decorated with icing.

It proved to be a challenge to make but boy did I have fun doing it! Please feast your eyes the pictures and don’t get any naughty ideas J

Have a great day all!