Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chocolate Muffins

I have decided to try out today a batch of rich chocolate muffins, topped with chocolate icing and chocolate spirals. Talk about a chocolate overload!

Now it may seem as though I have overdone it with the chocolate but I'll share a little secret with you.. I'm going to use dark bittersweet chocolate in this recipe so as to not create a sickeningly sweet after taste. I trust that this will work as this is a prized recipe I found in my home after much digging around.

Come back soon to find out how they turned out.


Elle said...

ooooh sounds yummy! Chocolate is my fave ! Great of you to sponsor the food for MBN. Do visit my site

Velvet Vintage said...

Hi Elle,

Thanks for stopping by. I will surely check out your blog.

See you at the MBN meeting. :)