Thursday, March 20, 2014

Instead of a power nap, try this banana cake.

Banana cake with a light lemon frosting that cascades down the sides. 

A burst of flavour in your mouth. 

Moist and tangy. A divine combination.

Banana Cake with Lemon Frosting retails for RM 70/kg 
It's light and airy texture makes for a great mid morning snack or paired nicely with a cup of Earl Grey.

Brown sugar has been reduced significantly to allow the natural sugars from the banana to come through. 

The inspiration & vision for this cake:
  A great tasting home-made cake that is nutritious and boosts energy.

A light coat of lemon frosting is used to keep sugar levels low. Additional frosting available upon request.

Serving suggestions: The light coat of frosting will be absorbed by the cake (as per picture above). If you wish to have a 'fresh look', we can separate the icing so that you may drizzle it on effortlessly. 

Heating tip: Remove cake from fridge and heat in microwave for 10 seconds. 

"We hope every Malaysian will do their bodies justice in reducing the amount of unnecessary sugars they consume. That is the goal here. Serving up cakes, brownies and desserts that you know are made by people who champion the need to eat deliciously clean food."
-Fiona Zuzartee- 

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