Monday, March 10, 2014

Banana Cake Challenge. Two recipes, one outcome. The better cake coming to you by 25th March.

Left: Banana cake with almond filling.   Right: Fluffy, moist banana cake.

In February, I searched my recipe pile for two banana cake recipes that could be tested head to head.

The vision: To find a delicious and nutritious banana cake. All Velvet Vintage cakes use reduced amounts of sugar.

The mission: To test the recipe and send it out to a test group for feedback on taste, appearance and general comments.

The results: One recipe needed a bit of modification in increasing the quantity of ingredients. The other was modified to be more moist. Overall, the test group gravitated towards the banana cake on the right (see picture below). However, it was noted that it (picture on the right) is a common recipe and improving on the appearance of the banana cake with the filling would  be a unique selling point.

The current situation: The cost will be calculated to determine the selling price. The cakes keep for one week, refrigerated. The proposed date of availability of this cake on our menu is  25th March 2014.

Baker's experience: The baker tasted the cake a whole week after it was baked. The cake was removed from plastic wrap which was placed in an airtight container & microwaved for 15 seconds. It (4 slices of 2" x 2 " sized pieces) tasted fresh and was moist. The cake with the almond filling looked better than expected. It was thought that the filling will turn black from oxidisation as it had mashed banana's in it. This turned out to be true, however the discolouration was not displeasing to the eye.

Velvet Vintage is honoured to have worked with a wonderful test group which provided honest and practical feedback. 
If you are residing in Klang Valley and would like to be part of our test group (free cake samples in exchange for honest reviews), please e-mail your interest to

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