Monday, May 4, 2009

Central Market Charity Bazaar. Sunday May 3rd 2009

SUCCESS!! We practically sold out our 400 muffins and raised a total of RM 500++ for the Kiwanis Charity Bazaar in aid of the Kiwanis Job Training Center.

Day 2 of the muffin sales took us to Taylor's College and we also sold out there as well.

Miss MalaysiaIndian Global winners on a roll ya'll!

Now we just have to push for the sales of Cakes for Mother's Day!.

So here it is broken down for you.. we are selling the cakes at RM 25 / kg and we will DELIVER it to you're Mum's doorstep. Only one catch.... we deliver in the Klang Valley only. If you ask me that's a steal!

Do support us and our efforts in trying to curb Human Trafficking. Malaysia is THE hotspot transit point and now that the economy is down, more people tend to seek refuge in greener pastures and in the process some are unlucky enough to get duped into being sex slaves.

If you have watched Slumdog Millionaire, THAT is exactly what we are trying to prevent. Malaysia cannot be a first world nation if we keep bearing these skeletons in our closets. STOP living in denial and let us do the grassroot work... all we need is the RM25 to help kids in rural schools understand this message and prevent them from being scammed into sex slavery.

e-mail me for orders of cakes at

Thanks in advance for your support!

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