Friday, May 1, 2009

Central Market Charity Bazaar. Sunday May 3rd 2009

What have we accomplished in this past week? We (Sowmya and I) headed down to United Voice, to teach the mentally disabled how to bake. They were taught how to make Chocolate Muffins as well as a Chocolate Cake.

They grasped the idea of it pretty quickly but they do still need guidance while working the batter.

How I feel? Aside from the lack of funds to carry out our project and only partial news coverage, we had fun teaching Intan, Pavala, Izzuddin, and Jennifer while some of the others looked on. The best part of it all was the look on their faces when the products were finished. They loved it.

Would I do it again? Definitely! The only discouraging part of this project was a 5 minute lecture on the economic downturn I recieved by a certain vendor and how he couldn't spare me 5 bags of flour as the company had no such allocation considering the recession swinging our way. It would have come up to LESS then RM20.

I'd like to thank those who followed my every tweet relentlessly and for those who supported me by giving your donations. It had helped a great deal although a larger contribution (in kind) especially from retail outlets would have saved us RM400 on ingredients that could have been spent on providing the United Voice employees lunch.

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