Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Custom cakes I've developed over the years... #throwback

Feast your eyes on some of the customized cakes I've made over the years, courtesy of some very imaginative clients. 

Disclaimer: No Naughty Cakes Contained Within. Check This Space For The Naughty Post Coming Soon.

E-mail me at velvetvintage09@gmail.com for your cake today!

I'll bake & deliver within 3 days. 
For intricate designs I will require one week's notice. 
 Ninjago Themed Cake - Eggless Cake

 Banana Cake with Lemon Frosting

 Bible Themed Cake - Vanilla Butter Cake
 Floral Themed Cake - Orange Butter Cake

 Chocolate Mud Cake awaiting customization.

 December 2011 Christmas Themed Cake - Apple & Cinnamon Cake
 Launch of Quaff Bar in Taman tun Dr. Ismail - Chocolate, Vanilla and Lemon Cupcakes.

 DJ Set Cake with moving turntable 

 Easter Themed Cake with Fresh Fruits

 Garden Themed Cake

 Chocolate Mud Cake with Cherries

 A Law Graduates cake.

 Minnie Mouse. Covered in buttercream frosting

 Engagement made colourful with some M.A.C.

 The Stars Align Themed Cake.
 A batch of Chocolate Fudgy Brownies given a Guinness face-lift

 1st Holy Communion Themed Cake - Chocolate Butter Cake 
 Superheroes - Chocolate Mud Cake
 Bows & Ropes in Orange and White - An orange butter cake for the base. A chocolate mud cake for the first tier.

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