Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Spice of Life

What makes for a good dessert on an oh-so-hot day?

Temperatures are definitely rising, this part of the world and a hot dessert just isn't going to cut it.
Although.. it has rained at night for the past couple of days.

Desserts are something you can whip up using your imagination but there are also those recipes which you have to follow. Not everything turns out 100% right all the time but this is due to the fact that we are only humans.

I got a review the other day about a cake of mine that my client said was too dry as opposed to it being moist. For a person who doesn't take criticism easily, it was definitely a blow to my ego. She was nice in telling me about it. No harsh comments or anything like that. Although so, I was upset.

After a while, I consoled myself with the thought that I am after all only human and while I feel awful that they had a less then perfect cake, I realized that there are 2 lessons I can learn from this experience.

Adapt it into our daily lives:

1. We can try our best and there are those who will still be unhappy with the outcome of the situation. All we really can do in the end is to be ourselves, do the best that we can do, be the best that we can be and be content with our achievements.

2. We have to learn to accept the fact that we make mistakes but we have to be bold enough to admit it and act accordingly.

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